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([personal profile] gracegrey Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:08 pm)
I have finally succumbed to a head cold severe enough to keep me from work for 3 days. BOO, HISS. Flute practice is out till breathing comes back.

Which is a bummer because I was accepted to perform in the Master Class this weekend! Now i'll be super out of practice. DAMN.

In happier news, our name change has gone through! We are us for real now, IDs and all! [cue endless mountains of paperwork]
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([staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance Mar. 17th, 2017 02:41 pm)
Thanks to everyone who let us know that Photobucket images were not loading properly on some pages. The problem seemed to be mostly limited to HTTPS requests; Dreamwidth maintains a list of known high-traffic image sites that support HTTPS, so that our secure content proxy service doesn't cache them unnecessarily. Unfortunately Photobucket seems to have recently changed their site configuration such that HTTPS requests aren't being served as expected, and we've now taken it out of our list of "proxy-exempt" sites.

If you continue to have issues, make sure you're not using HTTPS Photobucket links. It's a bit counterintuitive, but if you use HTTP instead, it will be automatically transformed on our end to an HTTPS link that uses

Hope that clears everything up for now! Let us know if it doesn't...
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([personal profile] gracegrey Mar. 13th, 2017 06:26 pm)
UUUUGH!! My alto flute practicing is not going well! I guess I didn't break the flute, so that's something. Killed some music. :(

My embouchure is LOUSY today. Maybe because my lips are really chapped? Or I've been chewing the insides of my cheeks too much?

My tone is thin & unsteady, intonation non-existent. Still struggling with balance issues; find a good balance, my posture isn't comfortable for fingering on the left hand. Adjust for the hand, then my air gets all screwy. Just a lost cause. Gonna wipe out the flute and turn my efforts to something else.

I am REALLY looking forward to the Chris Potter workshop this summer!
Among other things!v Wow, today I learned I need to employ double-tonguing if I'm to play this piece at tempo. I also learned I'm holding a quarter note a shade too long and it's throwing off the next few measures!

Flute practicing hasn't happened much recently thanks to heavy workload (15hr day yesterday!!). I did have a lesson and recorded my audition piece for the upcoming Master Class. Been working C flute pretty heavily. I need to dive back into alto here directly, since the piece I'm on alto for is HARD.

Teacher says my sound continues to improve. She says it is very exciting for her as a teacher!

So far, I'm trying not to work too hard on playing; overblowing and tension in my throat are my toughest obstacles to developing a more consistent, open sound.


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