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The image on the left shows the brains of pigs that were untreated for 10 hours after death, with neurons appearing as green, astrocytes as red and cell nuclei as blue. The image on the right shows cells in the same area of brains that, four hours after death, were hooked up to a system that the Yale University researchers call BrainEx. Stefano G. Daniele and Zvonimir Vrselja, Sestan Laboratory, Yale School of Medicine. Story at NPR.

This week’s collection is Tuesday, April 23: Brains.

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I remember liking Oldfield's Tubular Bells when I was a teen but now I can't listen to more than a minute of it.
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The department graduate students sure are rallying, bless them. There's at least one group letter going to the dean of the College of Liberal Arts in Sciences, a few individual letters coming from alumni, and I think some faculty are joining in. The university-wide GTA union even issued a press release expressing their displeasure over the situation (English graduate students being some of the loudest and most active union members in the GTA union).

I might not have a job in a month, but I sure do feel appreciated by the people who matter.

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Aquaman x 2 - so much fun
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (for the second time) - so amazing
Bumblebee (for the second time) - *happy sigh*
The Grinch - not bad
The Kid Who Would Be King - fun kids movie
Miss Bala - enjoyable
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - not as bad as I feared it would be, mostly fun
Happy Death Day 2U - this was a fucking riot, need to watch the first one now. it's like a comedy horror groundhog's day, but fun!
What Men Want - mostly fun
Alita: Battle Angel - it was definitely made by men
Nancy Drew & The Hidden Staircase - utterly delightful!
Wonder Park - very sweet, very important
Shazam! - please god, please, let DC go more this way. such a sweet, fun movie
Hellboy - my review
The Goonies - my review
Little - my review
Missing Link - it was okay

Review copy provided by the publisher. I also have the privilege to know the author a bit socially.

We've now had several decades--all of my lifetime, in fact--with fairy tale variations, reconceptions, recreations as a major subgenre. So the question about a collection like this can sometimes be: is there anything new to say here? Is it possible to fracture a fairy tale in a way that is not in itself a predictable part of canon at this point?

Happily the answer here is not just yes, but "yes and I will even show you a little of how it's done behind the scenes." I was pleasantly surprised to reach the end of the collection and find not only notes on each story but a poem to go with each--sometimes very directly, sometimes with glancing notes on the same theme. Many of these stories are from previous decades, and Yolen takes time in the notes to talk about how she thought of them then--particularly interesting when they span a cultural shift of awareness around who gets to retell tales from whom.

I'd come upon some of these stories before in other collections of Jane's, but I'm never sorry to see "Granny Rumple" reprinted--it changed my world when I first read it, and I think it can do the same for writers and readers who encounter it for the first time now. Jane's warmth and humor permeate these tales, and breaking familiar stories like Snow White and Cinderella in more than one way in one collection gives us even more perspective on what these tales can still do.

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Review copy provided by the publisher.

This is the last in a trilogy, and it is all about consequences. Regular readers know what a sucker I am for consequences.

Years have passed since the events of Amberlough and Armistice. The world is not perfect--there are still war zones--but people have started to get through the very basics of rationing and rebuilding and into questions of who should be honored and who demonized in their recent turbulent history. For teenagers like Lillian and Jinadh's son Stephen, the war and occupation are increasingly dim and distant memories, an obsession of adults. For the adults, it's still all too close and all too real--especially when parts of the past don't stay hidden in the jungle where they previously were.

Frankly, most of these characters are exhausted. Their old coping mechanisms are imperfectly adjusted to their new circumstances, which keep shifting anyway. None of them seem to have had even five minutes to put their feet up, breathe, and look at some nice trees or a sunset or something. Their world is relentless. That makes Amnesty a completely appropriate book for right now--and also sometimes a difficult one. There's solace here, but it's circumscribed, constrained; there are ways forward, but none of them without cost. There is hope, but not for the things the characters used to hope for. And there are people trying to do better. Always, always, amidst rubble and chaos and machination, there are people trying to do better.

Ander: Human cleric
Dorritt: Human warlock
Himo: Wood Elf rogue
Kokai: Gnome Mage
Milo: Human Ranger

Alas, my notes seem to be incomplete. Well, no doubt I can reconstuct the missing material at some future date. Suffice to say we have descended into the city and had a few inconclusive encounters with locals.

There are far too many large dinosaur footprints in this city. Read more... )
Margo's musical episode.
Margo deserved a way better backstory than she was given.
Read more... )
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([personal profile] james_davis_nicoll Apr. 20th, 2019 05:22 pm)
Who can turn a few reviews into epub books?
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([personal profile] clevermanka Apr. 20th, 2019 01:27 pm)
Lizzo's new album (link takes you to the playlist of the full album on YouTube) came out yesterday and it's amazeballs start to finish. Physical CDs don't come out until next month so until then the YouTube playlist is gonna be on steady repeat.


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