1) Asimov's Science Fiction magazine editor Sheila Williams writes a lovely editorial about KU and the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, including happy memories of riding on the back of my scooter ;-)

2) Excellent article examining the Occupy and T-Party movements - how they're really just two halves of the same thing:

Click the image to read the piece.

3) I had hoped to show a pic of my fully repaired electric bicycle:

Unfortunately, I can't get the hub all apart to strip the torn wires. Backstory: Last year, I got a flat on the rear, where the motor resides in the hub. The lazy SOBs who assembled the bike in the first place had installed a nut on the axle in such a way that stripped the bolt, so when I removed said bolt, it rotated the axle in such a way that tore the wires loose *sigh* Last week, I got the wheel back from a local machine shop - axle's all fixed - and hoped to solder the wires this week. Not so much. Can't get the nut off the other side in order to get inside and work on the wires. Hmph. Later.

4) Pumpkin carving at my house over the weekend!

5) The KU Science Fiction Film Club also watched (John Carpenter's) The Thing after carving pumpkins. We'd intended to see the new prequel afterward in the classic movie-marathon tradition, but the motivation just wasn't there. I think everyone was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the original. I still plan to see it, but maybe on Blu-Ray....


From: [identity profile] clevermanka.livejournal.com

You should have captured an image of Tommy drinking his bottle of strawberry Boone's Farm. It'd be nice to have that memory stored somewhere other than my brain.

From: [identity profile] mckitterick.livejournal.com

Hahaha! I expect we'll get another opportunity during an upcoming SF Film Club event. Especially now that I own the new Star Wars and LoTR Blu-Ray sets....

From: [identity profile] dotar-sojat.livejournal.com

Because of "The Thing" I will never defibrulate anyone- EVER! Heart palpitations? Don't look to me, I want my arms to stay attached, thank you very much.

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