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([personal profile] mckitterick Jan. 11th, 2012 03:45 pm)
Just finished the massive task of updating all my class syllabi, websites, handouts, online readings, and so forth for the coming semester. This included at least 10 hours of converting legacy Word .doc format syllabi to more-useful and appopriate Web .htm format... which made my eyes bleed. 'Nuff said.

Getting over a little flu. I love being healthier overall, when "I have the flu" means "My nose is runny and I feel a little weaker" for a day or so.

Last weekend, I installed a couple of solar-powered motion-detector lights to illuminate the dark areas of the back yard. More on that in a moment.

Last night I rewarded myself for a 12-hour day by watching disc #2 of the Star Wars saga (I refuse to call it "Episode 2"). It was much cooler than I remembered, not nearly as irritating as disc #1, and very pretty. Gorgeous sound, of course, what with this being Lucas and all, who frakkin' invented modern movie sound.

During the show, the light mounted on the wall of my shed came on repeatedly. Apparently, I was ignorant of the variety and frequency of urban wildlife who visited me at night. The list, just during the movie:
  • fat opossum

  • large coyote (!!!)

  • little opossum

  • more visits from the coyote; every time I went for my camera, it would turn and trot away.

  • raccoon

  • red fox

  • another large opossum

  • tortoise-colored kitty

Here is the best of several awful photos of said coyote:

As soon as I moved to within ten feet of the sliding-glass door, it would trot back out into the alley. It stood about two feet at the shoulder - didn't know they got so large in town! Or that they even lived here. Wow.

About 30,000 words into my next novel, The True-Life Space Adventures of Jack and Stella.

And I just emailed all the students in my large classes with links to their syllabi and online resources. All set for the semester!


From: [identity profile]

Not really seeing the coyote there and am wondering just what was *in* that flu medicine. But if there is a coyote, I predict a rapid fall-off in the number of fat possums.

I am pretty sure that the little tortoise kitty was Tatsuko coming to say goodbye.

From: [identity profile]

Okay, smarty-pants, here's a little visual aid:

Yeah, she's been on my mind all day. I miss her a really lot. Working on building up to making a post about it, but not ready yet.

From: [identity profile]

I shall check again on the iPad later - my crappy work monitor washes out all the detail.

Another friend lost her kitty last night too - about the same age. It has been a very sad day. I'm giving the boys extra love and cuddles.

From: [identity profile]

Well, to be fair, the photos are crap: This is a wild animal, after all, and could see me well inside the house even with all the lights out. So this was through a double-pane sliding-glass window from about 40 feet away with the only lighting supplied by a 5-watt spot pointed pretty much directly at the camera. So, yeah. But I wanted some kind of evidence!

From: [identity profile]

That's awesome. I love it when one change reveals another layer of the world--in this case the fact that your backyard is apparently an animal highway.

From: [identity profile]

I know, right?! I want to get one of those wild-game cameras and set it up to take surprise urban-wildlife photos at night. I bet I'd catch at least a dozen at this rate!


From: [identity profile]

Me too! And for clarity I'd like them to look less Bigfoot and more Ceiling Cat. See my comments to WM, above.

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