Egad, my fingers and wrists and neck and shoulders are in knots after a pretty-much solid two weeks of sitting at my desk almost every waking hour. Why I felt the need to write demanding blog posts this week, too, I do not understand. But I'm DONE! Sure hope the students appreciate my efforts and find my comments useful. I really enjoyed a bunch of the final projects, though many were the typical undergrad papers. The grad students' work was universally pleasing to read, of course. I felt uncomfortable giving as many C or lower grades as I did this semester, but I'm done giving incompletes unless a student asks and really needs it - too much of a pain for everyone later on.

This weekend shall be nothing but goofing off. Some stretching, too, and maybe some working out. My poor, neglected body.... Sadly, I will not be going to my usual Saturday-morning breakfast with James Gunn, on account of that's usually at 8:30am (6-1/2 hours from now). MUST SLEEP.

Next week, I get back onto writing. I intend to reach about 30,000 words on The Galactic Adventures of Jack & Stella, write up a formal book outline and cover letter, and get this thing OUT. Also finish revising Empire Ship and submit it as well as a distinctly odd couple.

Mostly, though, I'll spend the winter "break" finishing development of my upcoming, brand-spanking-new interactive-online version of my "Foundations of Technical Writing" course.

Now, to sleep, perchance NOT to dream about student papers.


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I am wholeheartedly in favor of "let's do stuff" and am on board for pretty much any flavor of stuff.

Sadly, there is an inconvenient amount of North America in the way.

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YAY for being done! I sometimes have classes where a larger number of people end up with C's. Hey, it is what it is. I'm sure you're as vocal as I am about what is required to get that A or B. And if you give grades that are undeserved, it collapses the value of the A.

Congrats for being finished! I hope you have a great break. I have just finished developing my online Digital Photography class. Wow, what a challenge! I've only taught analog before, so part of the effort was in creating a workable pathway for teaching that different medium. The other part of the process was getting used to the online platform the school uses.

We use Moodle. I did a pretty good job of learning that, then they "upgraded" it, LOL!

That looks like a very happy chipmunk.
chipmunk? squirrel? Whatevers.

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How the heck could I live 56 years on this planet and not know that chipmunks were squirrels?

Oh well, learn something new every day! Thanks!

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Good luck! It'll be interesting to compare notes.

Yeah, the whole "grade inflation" thing is a giant pain when students complain about their grades, or whine for me to raise them. *sigh*

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