I spent the day so far prepping for the start of the semester tomorrow, and about to get off-line to resume writing, but really needed to share this back-of-the-envelope advice from a cynic:

Yep, that's about right. I share a lot of successful authors' advice during my Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop, but this boils it down pretty well. From Buzzfeed's Copyranter.

Speaking of writing, here's what's kept me out of trouble since the end of the CSSF Summer program:

The Galactic Adventures of Jack & Stella progress:

...and with that, I'm back to it! Have a great evening.


From: [identity profile] paulwoodlin.livejournal.com

Doesn't the last rule contradict most of the others? But still, many amusing truths on that list, especially #10.

From: [identity profile] mckitterick.livejournal.com

Heh, yeah, #10 pretty much sold me on this. And yeah, on the other hand, #1 seems out of place among such other useful tips!

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