KU officials closed campus last night, fearing Snowpocalypse. Waking up today to see only a light dusting provoked taunting words from me, but then the Fauxpocalypse showed its true nature: We've already gotten several inches of snow. What does this mean?
  • School is closed.

  • My once-a-week science-fiction class meets online in two hours.

  • I spent this morning with my Write Group of Prolificness, upping the word-count of Jack & Stella by another 580. More importantly, I revised another 12 pages. That's significant because the revision includes shifting POV - the most important decision a writer makes, affecting everything else - and changing all the opening scenes.

What does this mean? That I'm only a couple of days from finishing the revision and surging into unexplored territory.

The Galactic Adventures of Jack & Stella progress:


From: [identity profile] siro-gravity.livejournal.com

YAY for Jack and Stella! but omg, you have the cutest, fattest little squirrels on the planet!

From: [identity profile] mckitterick.livejournal.com


Though I'm worried about them: The snow keeps falling, and it's now deeper than the cinder-blocks you can see just past the squirrels. A FOOT OF SNOW. How will they eat? I worry about these things!

From: [identity profile] siro-gravity.livejournal.com

get 'em a bag of peanuts. or those dried corns on the cob. Probably too late for that, huh? sounds like you're snowed in. I bet they'll figure it out!

From: [identity profile] mckitterick.livejournal.com

NEXT TIME! I'll get some soon and put them into storage....

On the other hand, we threw a bunch of carrot-pieces out back a couple of hours ago, so they're getting treats already!

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