This weekend is Kansas City's annual SF convention, ConQuesT 46! I'm doing several panels, a writing workshop, and a reading, and I'll be at many of the night-time room parties and the Sunday-afternoon Charity Auction. My schedule is now on Sched, like all the other presenters', but here's the short version:

Friday 3:00pm: World Building - Creating Alien Languages.
Friday 4:00pm: ConQuesT Writers' Workshop.
Friday 7:00pm: Opening Ceremonies.
Friday night: Find me on the Party Floor!
Saturday 1:00pm: Writing For Younger Audiences.
Saturday 4:00pm: Reading - Ad Astra Road Trip (Book 1 of the Galactic Adventures of Jack & Stella).
Sunday 10:00am: True Heroines and Diversity in Speculative Fiction, hosted by Hadley Rille Books.
Saturday night: Find me on the Party Floor!
Sunday 1:00pm: AboutSF.
Sunday 2:00pm: Charity Auction.

Hope to see you there!

From: [identity profile]

We have no panels in common! It's almost like you write sci-fi and I write horror, or something!

Anyway, hopefully I'll see you on the dance floor or something while I'm there and get a chance to shoot the breeze.

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, that's too bad! But we totally need to hang out some. I'll be at the room parties both nights, as that's where most of my socializing happens, so hope to see you then.


From: [identity profile]


Probably not, and if there is I won't be on the floor of it, but Sean's grandstanding has perhaps rubbed off on me somewhat...

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